Friday, August 7, 2015

Why to ask? Why to hurt ?

"So you will tell the kid that he is adopted later on in life, when he grows up", some one asked.
"It is very difficult decision I could never have done this",another person said.
" there are so many new fertility treatments; did you check with a doctor", another person tried to provide information.
These are few of the millions of questions commonly asked a couple who have adopted a baby.
The answer of these questions is "yes we will tell the child that he or she is adopted, after all if we have told people around us then why would we not tell the child".
And " yes it is a very difficult decision, thank God you were blessed with a healthy child of your own that is why you did not have that go through the excruciating process of adoption".
" generally couples try medical treatment, pray a lot before opting for adoption .......can some one else count the needle pricks or gaze at the doctor visit schedules or count the amount of money spent on treatment".
"Adopting a child" can be joyous and intense at the same time. Adoption is a process whereby a person or a legal married couple assumes the parenting of a child from his or her biological parents or a community organization.
The social stigma attached with adoption can be nerve wrecking especially in our culture when people constantly poke their noses in the lives of the parents and the adoptive child.
Adoption stereotypes and stigmas continue to be fairly pervasive in society – so pervasive that they quite often get unrecognized.
A common myth among is that Parents can’t love an adopted child as much as they would a biological child.
In reality Love and attachment are not the result of or guaranteed biologically. The intensity of bonding is the same regardless of how the child joined the family. Often parents of an adoptive child show more love and compassion towards their kid as compared to biological parent. Maybe it is because of the fact that they have gone through a very rough path before adoption that of infertility or other medical issues.
Individuals or couples who adopt a kid and raise him well are to be saluted and not to be interrogated, they are noble souls .......