Sunday, September 4, 2016

sometimes bad things have to happen so good things can...

I saw his picture on Facebook this morning,he and his wife together  at one of our distant cousin's wedding!
All of a sudden I thanked him!
I thanked him, while looking at his picture! Thanks for my two beautiful children, thanks for an adoring husband and most of all thanks for a very happy life...

It was summer of 1996, my Khala called my mother to ask for my hand in marriage for her son who was a banker in New York. He was few years older than me, well educated and good looking. My parents were not that well off, I was their eldest daughter, they were very happy to hear that and immediately said 'Yes'.
'Wedding will be next month', said Khala.
My mother started the shopping and Daddy booked the ball room at a local hotel.
Azlan my cousin  and my fiancé  returned to Pakistan a week prior to our wedding day!
He came over for dinner at our house, did not talk much!
He called my sister the morning of the mehndi ceremony and asked if he can meet her and me at the local coffee shop!
My sister teased him that the groom should not meet the bride a day before the wedding  ceremony.
'It is very important', he insisted.

Azlan told us about his friend Alina whom he really like and want to marry her, he tried to convince his parents but they refused to listen to him. Alina was older than him and divorced.  His parents did not want a slightly older divorced girl marry their only son. So as to solve the problem Khala asked for my hand in marriage, she wanted him to marry me within a month so he can move on in life and forget Alina. How convenient? My aunt thought things will change very easily?

But her son did not!

I started to cry, the news was very shocking but my sister said its good that he informed us prior to the wedding. Azlan met my parents that evening and told them that he can't marry their daughter, he can never be happy with anyone else beside Alina. My mother got very angry but my Daddy said its ok, their daughter will certainly be better off without him!

My parents called off the wedding two days before the scheduled date!
Azlan left for NY, my Khala and Khalu tried to apologize but my mother never replied to their phone calls. All the wedding decorations were taken off, mithai and florist orders were canceled. My parents had to answer a gazillion questions of nosy relatives and friends, they did it, we all did it...

I was very heartbroken, after few months I returned back to college to complete my masters.

And we prayed...
And we moved on...

After a year I got married to Zarak son of a family friend who was settled in Dubai. Zarak means 'blessing' and he was definitely a blessing. I am living a very happy married life with him, we are parents of two boys. Life could not be better!

I am Liela the luckiest girl on this planet...
And thanks to Azlan for breaking our engagement two days prior to our wedding day!

Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can!