Monday, August 29, 2016

It's JB vs JB James Bond vs Jason Bourne

who is the 'ultimate spy Jason Bourne or James Bond'?

One roams around in a  dinner suit, custom shoes, expensive cuff-links and all!The other wears a casual charcoal colored sweater and quite ordinary outerwear. One has an entourage of vehicles and some awesome  technical gizmos at his disposal. The other moves in borrowed trucks and bikes, tracking his way through maps.

James Bond is very charismatic he works in a league under M’s unwavering leadership and the infinite bankroll of MI6. Bond works for the government, his sympathies are with the program, with the government.

On the contrary Bourne is the complete opposite. He is an outsider, the total reverse working against the corrupt forces working within the government entities but against the bigger moral values of the government. His goal is to root them out. All he wants is to get out of the bigger fight and just relax but sadly he is roped back into the craziness again and again, against his will.

 Jason Bourne wants to wipe out the corruption which turned him into an assassin. Quite rightfully he wins every time mainly because for his morality and sanity.

In short Jason Bourne is ' real' in fact the 'real deal' and James Bond is 'fascination', the one who 'powerfully appeals'...

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