Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Amazing Daughters

isn't it so?

" so your daughters have kids ?"people often asked.

" yeah Mashallah the older one has 3 sons", I replied.

" Mashallah that is so good May Allah give a long life to her sons", a typical response I get very often.

" And my younger daughter has four daughters", I added.

the excitement always faded.

" Chalo Allah naseeb achey karey", was the response which always irritated me.

My name is Naseem. I am the CEO of a small firm and I am also a mother of two beautiful and smart daughters who are happily married to two amazing gentlemen.

Both of them are mothers who are busy raising their children, taking care of the house and their families and also juggling careers. My older daughter is a dentist and the younger one an investment banker.
I thank God everyday for health and happiness and for my beautiful family which I consider perfect.

Maybe some people think it is not "so perfect".......

I wonder why people around us feel that my younger daughter who is a mother of four daughters is the biggest "BECHAARI " in the world.

I accept every couple wants to have both sons and daughters.
But they can't choose for themselves , Can they?

Daughters are a blessing from God, they are tiny angels on earth. A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart. They are always there for their parents and maybe sometimes more than sons.

Wonder why people of the world are so skeptical towards daughters ?