Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Can I build One Pakistan without Disparity

Can I? 

I hear political leaders talking about Naya Pakistan ( new Pakistan) and more Prosperous Pakistan...good initiatives but has anyone thought about building One Pakistan...a Pakistan which is strong and united where everyone is provided the basic necessities of life and a chance to be successful...
There is a sharp contrast in the lifestyles of the rich and the not so rich in Pakistan. The middle class is shrinking rapidly as a matter of fact has shrunk by now.
The rich 10% have too much money they shop, eat, live lavishly... the other 90% barely can survive the 30 days of the month. Inflation has eaten them up! They can't afford anything good...
The focus is always on the owner of the restaurant or the glamorous lady who owns the boutique. They both sit in their beautiful offices and give interviews about the success of their businesses while their chefs, waiters, tailors, embroiders sit in the back in a dark or dingy kitchen or work room in the scorching heat cooking or stitching ...
Why are such individuals not given proper attention or respect, why manual labour is so cheap in Pakistan?
Why people seldom show respect to the "working class"?
Why ? It's the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Is that what Islam teaches us?
The son of a mill worker goes to a very small not recognized school. He may be smart and hard working but he may not be able to get admission in a good college either because he could not afford it or the school he went to did not provide him or her with good education. On the contrary the quite spoiled and very average child of the mill owner gets the best education money can buy in the country or overseas. 
Even education and medical treatment in Pakistan are not granted by availability or by merit but just according to connections or by offering money.
How can such a country prosper?

The son of the Gardner can play cricket with the son of the homeowner but his job will be of entertaining the rich kid. Right from the beginning the poor learns to obey and the rich to command? Why? A person is acknowledged by the virtue of his status and connections not by his character...

So painful yet so vibrant...
Why the gap between haves and have nots growing which political leader will erase it? 
I wish I can get a magic wand to change all this!