Monday, February 22, 2016

Yes! Quetta Gladiators can win

yes the Gladiators can win this one!

It's the eve of PSL Cricket Final, the entire city of Quetta will come to a standstill tomorrow as more than a 1,000 kilometres away in the desert of Dubai the Gladiators... yeah! their very own Quetta Gladiators fight it out for the PSL trophy.

Quetta Gladiators is the team of underdogs, group of few hardworking youngsters who represent a city which rarely gets it fair share of attention on the national stage.Whatever the outcome tomorrow the men in purple under the brilliant mentorship of Sir Vivian Richards who is being termed as Sardar Viv have already won the hearts of the people whose city’s name they wear so proudly across their chest.

Quetta has been put on the world map, it has emerged as a team which plays as a unified group, who are not scared,who always rise again like true Gladiators!