Sunday, March 8, 2015

Let's celebrate the regular , everyday Woman


She is a mother whose focus is only her child , she is a daughter who cares for her aging parents , she is a wife who shares her husband"s struggles , she is the aunt who plays with her nieces and nephews , she is the grandma who tells the best stories , she is the caring neighbor , she is the protective friend , she is the hard working business official , she is complex and compassionate , moody and hilarious , she can be a cook , a teacher and an advisor at the same time and can be the best at being it .......

HAPPY WOMEN "S DAY ........each and everyone of you is a piece of art !!!
Instead of celebrating the rich and famous ; why not we celebrate the " average woman " today .

The regular mom who gets up at 5:30 am to cook food , clean the house , pack lunch boxes for her kids before she leaves for a busy day of work.
The regular mother who is worried how to meet ends , how to pay bills , how to wipe her tears before showing her face to her kids .
The regular mom who fights the world for her sons and daughters, who gives up all her desires for her children.
The regular illiterate mom who clean other people "s houses , eat left overs just to send her kids to college.
The regular mom who walks miles every day in treacherous heat to bring clean water and food for her kids.

Let's celebrate the regular daughter who does two jobs and changes two buses every day to support her parents.
The regular daughter who always say yes to every thing said by her parents.

Let's celebrate the wife who supports her husband in sickness and in health , with or without money.
The regular wife who ignores all her husband "s wrong doings , she forgets the pain of infidelity just to keep the family together.
The regular wife who never complains to her husband about the nagging in-laws just so he does not get stressed out.

Let's celebrate the thousands of nameless and faceless nurses who take care of patients all over the world in exchange of very little money and respect.

Let's celebrate the many teachers who teach our children every day and protect them like their own.

Let's celebrate the poor women who sell flowers on street , who cooks delicious food for other people "s kids while her own kids can eat at least one meal a day.

Let's celebrate the woman who quietly helps the needy family member or quietly helps the neighbor who has to pay the rent.

It is for all those invisible celebrities who send money from overseas every month to support many distant relatives .

Let's celebrate the woman who work for 10 to 15 hours every day in corn fields and maize farms with their babies tied on their backs.

Let's celebrate the thousands of victims of abuse , neglect who have suffered a lot but still manage to stand up the next morning.

Look around and please honor the silent warriors , the dedicated care takers , the quite confidants today and every day........

Happy International Woman"s Day ......