Monday, March 23, 2015

Sweetness Incorporated : Pakistani Film Jalaibee

Sweetness Incorported : Paki Film Jalaibee

My definition of Jalaibee is a Pakistani dessert , which is super sweet, bright orange in color and enjoyed during Ramadan with samosas.
A new Pakistani movie has been released with the same name.The movie has been a blockbuster since it's release three days back. It is not a sweet love story like its name but an action thriller about two friends Billu (Danish Taimoor) and Bugga (Ali Safina) who get caught up in a debt with the local mafia called "The Unit". As they look for ways to pay the debt before The Unit comes to collect, they find out they are in deeper waters than they thought. At the same time another man Ali , along with his partner Jimmy wants revenge and has the intentions to kidnap and kill the Mafia lord known as The King.

The movie is high paced , colorful songs incorporated thriller relatively liked by the audience. Good to see the surge in Pakistan Film goers in recent years.......

Tis to Jalaibee and the rapidly growing Paki Film Industry ......keep going!!