Friday, May 6, 2016

Life is not just to be helpful but life is to be useful


Life can be cruel, life can be strange. Life is also precious and life is unpredictable,  you never know what is coming next. Just be grateful and stay positive. 

There is nothing more noble in this world  than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for someone else, maybe a complete stranger.
This World is full of wonderful people. I am glad I found some of them...

I belong to a middle class family. I was the only son, my parents wanted me to become an engineer. My father was a government employee, we lived in a small house in the outskirts of the city. He was an honest man, we lead a decent life. Our parents always emphasized on the importance of good education. 

Our lives shattered all of a sudden on a warm summer afternoon when my father died in a traffic accident. I was 15 years old at that time. The little savings what we had were gone in few months, my mother started working in a local factory and my uncle started helping us financially what little he could do. 

I started teaching neighborhood children while studying for my intermediate examinations. I thought I will collect enough money so as to pay for first two years of college and later I will try to apply for scholarship. I did not want to burden my mother or uncle anymore. 

I got very happy when I checked my result online. I got very good grades. "Ami now I can get admission in NED University of Engineering, the largest engineering university in the entire city of Karachi, now you can also tell people that your son will be engineer very soon", my mother hugged me and started to cry. My sisters bought mithai and we all celebrated that evening but our happiness was short lived. Next morning my mother fell down from the rickshaw and injured her hip bone.

"We need to operate on her immediately, she is in pain,” the doctor told me. 

"Ok you can do the surgery, I will deposit the money,” I went home and brought the money I saved for my education. My mother"s health was definitely far more important than my education. 

Ami came home after 10 days, she was much better. Her factory gave her 8 weeks paid medical leave. 
"Beta how will you pay for college fees?" she was worried. 

"Don't worry Ami I will take admission in Bsc and will continue with tutoring kids and will collect money in the next two years,” I replied.

"My dear you will be work hard day and night again for two years,” she started to cry. 

"Don't worry Ami,” I tried to console her. 

“Inshallah God will reward you,” she prayed. 

Indeed God listened to my mother’s prayer and rewarded me. The next day one of my friends told me about NED scholars, a scholarship started by few NED University Alumni to help students who need financial help. I sent all the details to them, they invented me for interview. I got the good news the next week when the NED scholars sent me an email explaining that my entire tuition will be paid by them and I can start my education at the university next month with the new class. 

Time passed and by the Grace of God, prayers of my mother and help from NED Scholars, I graduated from NED University as an Electrical Engineer. 

I work in a local multinational company now, just got a new car, my younger sisters are studying and older one got married last year. 

This scholarship not only helped me but my entire family...
The purpose of life is not just to be happy but to be useful...