Monday, May 30, 2016

Life is short enjoy it and don't criticize others

Life is short enjoy it with Laughter, Companionship and Love and let others do the same...

'She married an older guy, father of four children, he is quite wealthy I guess that was the reason Aunty Jee got attracted to Uncle Jee', one of my old friend informed me about Ayesha second marriage who happens to be one of our common friend.

Ayesha is an old friend, she also is a widow who has two teenaged sons. She had worked really hard, her boys are very confident, hard working, nice kids. One is leaving for college in England this fall other one is a year younger. I guess she took the right decision of marrying again, soon both of her kids will be in college and studying in another country. I guess she had been a terrific mother who raised her children single handily after her husband passed away.

Now when she has remarried that is good too, she will not be lonely and depressed, she will be with her husband. The same is true for her husband, he is a divorced father of four, who sees his children only for few days during the year as two of them are married and the other two live with their mother.

Even though Ayesha and her husband Ayub are both somewhat middle aged, they have been married earlier and both of them have children but I guess they made the right decision of marrying a second time instead of just being lonely, depressed or  be dependent on their children all the time.

Our religion and society has given each citizen to live life according their own choice. Yet according to our Desi standards it is still regarded as something 'unusual', ' to be talked about', along with abundant comments from people all over  ' why are they getting married at an old age?', ' burhapey mey Shaadi'.
Too many critical remarks,too much negativity, BUT Why ?

A  great companionship elevates one"s conscious and evolves a person then why to criticize?

Maybe it's time to think differently...