Monday, July 4, 2016

Drama UDAARI...a celebration of motherhood

a celebration of motherhood

The horror of childhood abuse can often linger for a lifetime, with higher rates of depression, anxiety and drug abuse found among abuse survivors.
Child abuse, child molestation or any other type of inappropriate behavior like starring, inappropriate  touching or verbal abuse is faced by almost every fifth young child in this world. It is a painful subject to discuss but it cannot be resolved by just keeping it locked in a box.

Sheeda, Muneera and Sajida are ordinary women but extraordinary mothers...

These ladies are the very humane characters of Hum TV drama Udaari. This drama is quite different from so many other dramas mainly for two reasons; for discussion about child abuse on national tv and for its portrayal of few very strong, open minded women.
While many viewers debate that it should be taken off-air for discussing the painful topic of child abuse. My humble opinion is somewhat different I think this drama is a celebration of those strong women in our country who know very well how to protect their families and their communities.

I salute all three women because they are there to take care of their children, trust their children and protect their children...

Many mothers could not or maybe tried not hard or were scared to protect their children...

Nomi was  a 8 year old kid who was abused by his religious tutor very often, he tried to run, tried to protest but to whom? His mother would leave for shopping once the teacher entered the house. Nomi' s mother was well-educated quite confident lady but she could not protect her child. After months of abuse, one day his father came home early and caught the teacher.

Sila was inappropriately touched by her mother's cousin, she gathered courage to tell her mother but was told to remain quite. Family and friends should not be know about it. Everything should stay the same, Sila should wear a duppatta and no western outfits. From that time onwards Sila would lock herself in her bathroom during family get togethers. She was scared but she had no one to care for her. Her mother was a professional lady they lived in a big city. The mother did not step up to protect her child.

Sana had expensive toys and dresses but she had no protection, she was abused by her nannies. Her parents were successful industrialists. They had to travel a lot for work. Sana started protecting her baby sister Sasha once she got little older.

Mothers all over the world please protect your children, all the time, every day. I know it is very difficult in a conservative society like ours where joint family lifestyle is very common and where social and family pressures are hard to tackle. And to fathers please help your wives taking care of the children, it's just not a mother's job to raise children.