Sunday, July 17, 2016

Why are we so good at Being Envious

Why are we so good at 'Being Envious' and awful at 'Being Courteous'

A Pakistani can be so good at what he or she does, on the contrary a group of Pakistanis can be terrible together as a group.

Why is that as a group we Pakistanis generally drift apart or are unsuccessful ?

My humble answer is 'Envy' and 'Jealousy', it is extremely sad yet it is the bitter reality...

Let it be a neighbor getting jealous of his or her neighbor, let it be a co-worker trying to disgrace a fellow co-worker or a family member killing a female family member in the name of 'honor killing'.

Killing someone is 'never honorable', not all, no way!

It happens because we can't accept others  'being liked' or 'being popular' than us, may it be a mother in law showing attitude to her very talented daughter in law or a husband criticizing his smart wife or a rising social media star killed by her brother...

Qandeel Baloch was an overnight Internet Celebrity. She was bold and brave and quite outrageous.She was very different from the ordinary Pakistani Women.

She instigated a debate in Pakistan on whether choosing to defy family and society symbolized  women's empowerment or it was just a popularity stunt?

Ms Baloch labelled as the Pakistani Kim Kardashian became a household name for posting sometimes very bold, often raunchy photographs, she may be an attention seeker and the not so 'naik Parveen' but to kill her, not right, no way...

Qandeel Baloch tweeted "If you have strong will power definitely nothing can let you go down. Life has taught me lessons early. My journey from a girl to a self-dependent woman was not easy"!

 In life she was labeled as attention seeker, opportunist or 'chichorey' but her death has transformed her status to being brave and the one who defied the stereotypes.

Just wondering why Masculinity in Pakistan is thinner than the thinnest paper which can be easily squished.

Life is to be protected and respected!!

When will we grow up to focus on ourselves and not just be the 'gossip-loving', 'society gazing', 'envious' human beings, WHEN?

RIP a human being