Friday, April 3, 2015

How a broken family broke her personality

How a "broken family" , broke her personality

Relationships between two adults do not have to last forever. Relationships between two adults who have kids together always last.
Relationships can be bitter but they don't always need to be discussed loudly , angrily ......especially in front of the children.

"My parents stopped loving each other and that is OK. Having a child means being willing to put the child first, and when you divorce or separate from the parent of your children, you need to remember that your child deserves to be put first. The child adores you both, and hearing or seeing you bitterly discussing the other hurts the child. You may not think they hear, or understand your passive aggressive tones.......but they do".

"I had no say in how my parents broke our family down; no chance to say it was too messy .You can't sugarcoat a family breakdown, but you can protect your child , you should not expose them to the ugliness of your already broken relationship ", said my friend Saadia who is a product of a broken family, a product of divorce a very bitter divorce.

Saadia added "Don't stay together for the kids, but break up softly for your children instead".