Sunday, April 5, 2015

Queen of eBay


 She was not an heiress or obtained a degree from an Ivy League College.Her first sale was a stolen book. Hers is a highly unprecedented story of one girl"s struggle against all odds.
A story of a boss of an extraordinary business empire who happens to be an ordinary girl.

In a span of 8 years this community college drop out can be rightfully termed as the Queen of eBay. The modern day rags to riches story of  Sophia Amoruso is of a hardworking girl who used to work as a sandwich artist at "Subway" and a shoe sales person. Her teenaged years were spent hitchhiking, stealing , and dumpster diving. Her eye for fashion led her to launch an online clothing store. Amorouso spent her time looking for vintage clothes while working at the front desk at a San Francisco Art School.
She launched her e-bay store named Nasty Gal.....a term originally coined after a 1975 Betty Davis album and the singer’s outspoken lifestyle.
She became the CEO of Nasty Gal and developed it into the fastest-growing online retailer in the United States.
Nasty Gal sells vintage , bohemian theme ladies clothes, shoes and accessories. Sophia  Amoruso is not only a highly creative visionary but also a savvy modern-day entrepreneur who has been named by Forbes as “Fashion’s New Phenom".

Sophia has penned her first highly anticipated, book titled #GIRLBOSS which will hit book stands on May 6 ,2015. The book tells Amoruso’s extraordinary life story and offers insights on entrepreneurship and career advice for youth especially young women. At only 30 years old, Amoruso has become one of the most prominent figures in retail business. She has become a cultural icon.Amoruso’s Nasty Gal has sparked a cult following in her venture on eBay. In just five years (and after being kicked off the site in 2008), the brand has grown into a one-stop shop and online retail paradise with a huge following of fashion risk-takers. By the beginning of this year NastyGal, the online clothing retailer had an annual sale of over $100 million.

Amoruso now manages over 300 employees in a 50,000-square-foot L.A. office. Most of the employees in her spacious new office are women.The walls of the office are adorned with framed magazine articles about Amoruso and sounds of songs by Rihanna playing on the office sound system. She buys her inventory through local vendors as well as going through boxes of vintage clothing from international sellers.Nasty Gal initially took a loan to launch the business. It took the company eight years and a lot of hard work to become successful in eight years.Nasty Gal accessories are bought by buyers in close to 150 countries.

Like most books by CEOs, #GIRLBOSS is a marketing effort to promote the author"s business but it is also a highly passionate project. When someone tweeted a complaint about the book’s title, suggesting that grown women shouldn’t be calling themselves girls, Amoruso responded immediately and quite smartly "How’s #BROADBOSS? "

So if you are looking for a source of inspiration to start a new venture go through the chapters of #GIRLBOSS

Amoruso "s advice "Be Bossy".......