Monday, April 20, 2015

Tale of two cities


A popular comment in popular culture is "NewYork never sleeps"......referring to the restaurants, pubs, shops and streets which are never vacant in NewYork. The lights are always on, streets are always crowded with tourists from all over the world......buying, eating, partying, laughing across this magnificent city. People are busy gazing at high rise buildings, brightly illuminated bill boards,thunder of cars and cabs.Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Big Apple every day!!!

There is another city far away from NY tucked in a dessert in a different continent named Mecca. It is one of the two most sacred places of the Muslims of the world. Mecca also never sleeps ........people are busy circulating the Kabba all day long, day or night. They travel to the dessert of Saudi Arabia to catch a glimpse of the "House of Allah". People pray, perform tawaf or sayee or just sit and gaze at the magnificent black cube.They travel from all over the world to catch a sight of the Holy Mosque. The bright lights inside the mosque, on streets and of the hotels illuminate this city. Men, women and children roam around this glorifying city, everyone wanting to spend more time with His or Her God, praying for health , wealth, happiness. Popular comment in Mecca is :Entering Kaaba is like entering into God's Mercy.

People are mesmerized by the beauty and glitz of NewYork.
People forget who they are and where they are from when they disembark at Mecca.

A spiritual journey ....... A captivating journey !!!

One for the love of luxuries of life , one for the love of the creator of life ........