Monday, May 11, 2015

Honoring the motherly types


The second Sunday in May is special when on this day people around the world honor their mothers on the occasion of "Mother's Day ". A day when kids paint cute paintings and glitter-clustered greeting cards, when teenaged and college kids take out time to take their moms for lunch. When schools invite mothers for special programs and when social media spoils moms across the globe with special poems, write-ups and memorable pictures .......there are some outstanding individuals who are not moms but are far more dignified than a million moms combined!!

Every year I share a true story on Tuesday Talk on Fathers and Mother's Day to honor the ones we love and cherish.

So this year in 2015 the true story is not about a person I saw somewhere or read about, it's about a person who I have met many times, a "regular dad" who is more precious than a mom and dad combined......

Mila is my daughter"s friend. She was born to a young couple, both of them were college freshman's , aged only 19 years. They raised her while studying for tests and took care of an infant along with book reports and college lectures.

Mila"s parents graduated from college when she was only 3 years old. Her mom moved to another state to pursue higher education. She studied and achieved her masters degree and landed a dream job.

What did her dad do ?

He did what few very men do, he took care of his daughter, got a job after obtaining his undergraduate degree. His dream was just to take care of his daughter, provide her with love and comfort.

Fast forward 10 years Mila is 13 year old cute teenager with big brown eyes and a beautiful smile, a straight A student. She has many friends but she calls her dad her best friend. Her mom divorced her dad and has remarried, she is the CEO of a multinational company living in another city.

Mila adores her dad, they are each other's best friends. She rarely talks about her mom, visits her just few days every year.

Every year she celebrates her dad both on Mothers and Fathers Day. Her explaination very simple and heart warming " he taught me to ride a bike, comforted me when I was sick or got up in middle of the night after I saw a bad dream, he made breakfast for me, braided my hair, taught me and my friends to play baseball. He spends his weekends shopping with me, we cook dinner and laugh at crazy jokes. He drops me to after school activities and friends houses. He may not have a very high-fi degree or job but he is the best father out there"!

Mila and her dad are the perfect family they enjoy life and each other"s company more than anything!

This Mothers Day when I honor my Ami who lives many miles away from me yet who loves, prays and worries for me  every minute of the day! And when I am proud of being a "full-time mom" and a "part-time writer", I do pray for Mila and her dad, for a very happily ever after for them ..........

A very joyous Mothers Day to all the hardworking moms, many more who are smiling from the Heaven up above and to many amazing individuals who are more than what a mom could be .........