Saturday, May 30, 2015

Story hood of the Desi Traveling Scenarios


Being a frequent traveler I have come to the conclusion that " us Desis are quite peculiar and unique as travelers" ; I can easily  admit that we Desis are by far the most obnoxious travelers.

There are  many unique stories of traveling in an airplane but the funniest by far is that of many elderly people traveling with their prized possessions most notably the "lota". One of my friends told me about a Bengali passenger carrying raw stinky fish from a flight from Karachi to Dubai.Quite thrilling .......

We Desis tend to shop more and pack a lot. Gifts are not just gifts according to our logic they are everything which can fit in a suitcase. From laptops to makeup to toys and tons of food items, and many people who have carried " achar " and " chutneys " in their handbags, I guess the aroma captivates the other passengers for many days.

As Goras believe in using the washing machine during any vacation which helps them pack light, we don't think about them and we pack abundant stock of clothes.

During one of my voyage I saw a big wrapped package of sugar cane on the conveyer belt. How Sugary!

 Traveling with kids and in planes full of children the music system rarely works across the background of the kids screaming during take-off and landing.Yet an airplane becomes a good social spot where you can make new friends with fellow passengers. Once when I was gathering my stuff at Karachi Airport I could hear the musical ABC echoing from some where in the background ; it was the music coming from a kids toy packed in a suitcase.

We Desis love to cook and our love is closely associated with our cuisine. Very often passengers carry home cooked tin packs and railway travelers easily carry their " tiffin " or the very modern ice cooler loaded with home cooked food items.

While people belonging to other ethnicities focus on sightseeing we focus on food ; loading a car with unlimited supply of snacks.

I remember sitting in friend"s car whose family were on their way to attend a cousin " s wedding . The car was completely packed; glittery wedding clothes hanging in one corner, aroma of "besin key luddos" coming from the trunk, while the sisters singing  mehndi songs along with the beats of the dhol. The car was more than a mini Shaadi Hall.

Many Desi travelers are found arguing with the airport officials over the size of their hand carry bags which are close to the size and weight of their checked in bags, yet the passengers seem to overlook the matter.

When our kids were younger my husbands biggest ordeal was to fit a " double stroller " in the above seat cabin. It is quite an ordeal, those with young children can totally understand.

We Desis travel with not only one handbag but with numerous bags, we believe in carrying our entire " Ghar gharisti" with us !

Well whatever like our culture we are colorful Desi people who travel with some unique fanfare........