Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reclaiming a city ; one wall at a time

Paan splatters, vulgar language,dirt, filth,  hate words all over the walls of  the city of Karachi have survived enough but this year, things have changed for the better. Students from numerous schools and universities have taken it upon themselves to breathe a new life into Karachi's walls.

'Re-claiming the walls of Karachi' is one of the three projects led by Adeela Suleman, head of the Fine Arts Department at Indus Valley school of Art and Architecture.

Stencil Art Project is being coordinated by Munawar Ali Syed with 15 artists on board. "Up till now we have done stencil art on Hassan Square, Civic Centre, Saddar, Shahrah-e-Quaideen, MT Khan road, Airport, Kala pull,” said Adeela.
She adds, “Through our Stencil Art Project we have so far repainted more than 1000 walls . Under the Bachoon say Tabdeeli project, we have targeted almost 25 walls whereas the Individual Artists’ have remodeled up to 80 walls by now.”

The concept behind ‘Reimagining the Walls of Karachi’ is to evoke a sense of civic activism among the residents of Karachi. The organizers want the public to safe- guard their city by protecting their walls and their spaces.