Friday, June 19, 2015

Blacks in America: acknowledged or degraded?

We are living in the year 2015. The United States of America has a Black President, Black Attorney General, several Black Governors, Mayors and numerous Black high officials. It is a good sign to look at these accomplished officials gives the message of peace and equality. It echoes the success of civil rights movement of the 60s. While many foreigners acquire immigration in America every year , is this really " my land and your land " it?
Really ? Maybe Not !!!
The details of hate crimes in Baltimore, North Carolina, Sanford and now Charleston are quite fresh in our memories........what do all these hate crimes tell us .......Non - white citizens are still disliked.
No matter how much it is sugar coated Racism is a genuine problem which still lingers on even after many decades.
Race has a deep, dark history in USA and no one wants to talk about the inhumane treatment of the Black race. As a matter of fact everyone is supposed to believe that chapter of American history is closed, and it is time for Blacks to get over it.
While Blacks and other minorities consider the election of Barack Obama to president as a mobilizing effort ....... that now everyone is an equal citizen in the country . As a matter of fact it has given the extremist the feeling of uneasiness or maybe that the firm grip of white supremacy in America was slipping...... and they should act against it!
During the Charleston, SC shooting, Dyllan Roof allegedly told a survivor that he was killing black people because “you rape our women and are taking over our country.”
He highly disliked Treyvon Martin and wanted to start a race war.
" Taking over our country "...... Is it not their Country ?
How long will citizens of America and other countries of the world will have to fight for " equal rights" and " social justice "..........
How long the color of a person"s skin will define his or her destiny ?
Maybe forever !