Friday, June 5, 2015

Tragedies of the Genuinely Human Vice President

Who is Joe Biden ? A guy who is a heart beat away from the presidency of the United States, a guy who is the Vice President of the world"s most powerful democracy. While Washington DC is a place full of "made-up" , " perfectly personified " group of people who run not only the United States of America but also dictate many other world leaders. They all say the right thing which has been rehearsed numerous times before. They hide their weaknesses and the bank statements from the public for the sake of their more than perfect image.
Joe Biden is famous for all his " gaffs " , his long speeches when he talks more than he should. He comes across as a regular middle aged grandpa sort of guy who is genuinely real. Joe Biden a seasoned politician with a glorific senate and vice presidential career does not look " phony" or " superficial " from anywhere. While the Clinton's try to hide the list of their donations, Palin struggle to look intelligent , Kennedy's try to act like regular people ........Joe Biden looks like and sounds like an Average Joe just being himself.
He has a big 420 volt smile and enjoys talking to people but few know about the many personal trajedies he has endured. His humble roots from Scranton Pennsylvania, the guidance of his blue collar parents helped him become a lawyer and a prosecutor who became the second youngest senator in US history. Tragedy struck him the first time when his closest confidant his wife Neilia and one year old daughter Naomi died in a car crash days after he was elected. His two young sons Beau and Hunter were also critically injured in that accident. The newly elected Senater wanted to give up his seat to take care of his boys. On advice of others he took oath at their hospital bedside. He took care of his sons who made full recovery.
Later he remarried to a lady named Jill a community college professor who became his close confidant. Joe Biden almost died during his 50"s due to annurisym but he got lucky and was treated in due time.
Two days back tragedy once again hit Joe Biden his older son Beau sccumbled to brain cancer at the young age of 46. Beau Biden himself had a distinguished career as Delaware Attorney General and as a captain who has served with the National Guard in Iraq. He was diagnosed 2 years back. The Bidens kept the details of his illness private. The announcement was a complete shocker to the public who witnessed the close bond between the father and the son during the presidential campaign of Obama- Biden of 2008. Mr Biden has a terrific fatherly bond with his children.
I guess I don't have any words to say about this awfull tragedy endured by the Vice President once again. While many politicians have emerged in the political arena to run for President next year.....Mr Biden would just be trying to pick up the broken pieces of life scattered around him one day at a time.......
Joe Biden "s humanity has greatly touched the American people ; Republicans to Democrats people all over the country feel as if Beau Biden "s death is a death in the greater American Family !!!