Monday, June 22, 2015

My first short novel A very Resilient Amreeki Dream

My first short novel

My first novel "A very Resilient Amreeki Dream" is about a woman who is brave and courageous and who loves her family.

Look around and honor the survivors, the dedicated care takers , the quite confidants.......

I am also an immigrant. Many immigrants travel every year to United States of America. It is a multi-cultural society where blacks and whites, Asians and Hispanics live together next door to each other. They all help each other during a moment of crisis and laugh with each other during a moment of joy!

I very firmly believe in the power of love which can conquer many battles.

I hope you all will enjoy reading this story as much I have enjoyed writing it.

I call myself a "self taught author" whose inspiration is her community and the social happenings in the world. I have been writing articles/ blogs for almost 8 years years now.

I have dedicated this novel to the victims of verbal and physical abuse and to all the many immigrants around me.

And to my beautiful Pakistan and to my  home the state of Michigan, USA.