Monday, September 21, 2015

Being Humanistic rather than Being Feminist

Being Humanistic rather Being Feminist

I am a woman, want to see a woman being elected as leader of my country. I see two strong female candidates in the current US Presidential race but sorry can't vote for them. My answer " I want to vote for a humanistic person to become President".

My case: Being Humanistic rather Being Feminist.

It was Detroit’s Renaissance High School in autumn of 2012 a brief campaign stop over of the Democratic Party through Michigan which was a "swing state".Olympic gold medalist and Flint native Claressa Shields introduced Vice President Biden to the crowd. Biden praised the 17-year-old as a perfect example of Michigan’s and of America"s "do not give up attitude".

Crediting President Obama with the US auto industry’s revival, Biden said their re-election campaign can be summed up with the popular "made in Michigan" bumper sticker “General Motors is alive, Osama bin Laden is dead!”

“This isn’t your father’s Republican party anymore,” Biden said, adding: “It isn’t even Mitt Romney’s father’s Republican party anymore.” George Romney was Michigan’s Governor in the 1960s. Mr Romney was born in Michigan but he was trailing in polls in the state.
President Obama"s action to restructure General Motors and Chrysler helped prevent a domino effect that would have taken down everything in the auto industry, from the factories that manufactured auto parts to the dealers who sold the cars". It helped many blue collar families across the state. Many of them were there cheering for the Vice President who could easily connect with them, who quoted sayings from his stay-home mom quite frequently. He was a son, husband, father and grandfather and a man who had endured many personal tragedies in life. His smile was quite captivating which did not reflect the pain hidden inside him.

Joe Biden did not have the Kennedy charisma or the GQ looks, with white hair, big smile and long stories to tell he seemed like an Average Guy or maybe an Average Grandfather who cared for everyone. His funny childhood stories about playing with neighborhood children in a factory town and daily bus rides home to stay with his sons after he lost his wife and baby daughter in an automobile accident made people laugh and cry periodically.

As he concluded his speech and moved towards the crowd to shake hands and wave good bye, I got up from my seat and yelled " you have the same birthday as me Mr Vice President. He was few feet away from me, he heard me, turned around and said "awesome, few awesome people are born on nov 20th every year!".

That was my only interaction with Vice President Biden, could not get a chance to get a picture with him yet greatly admired him. I had voted for him and Obama in 2008 and liked them but that day when I saw him interacting with auto workers, university students and regular everyday people I could tell he was not acting or was uncomfortable among the sweaty and tired people who had waited for hours for him. He was not in a rush, listened to them, giggled with them. He was at ease with the public which is the greatest quality a politician can have!

Biden may run for President in 2016, I will support him, work for his campaign and vote for him just because he is a personable guy and politicians who can make other people comfortable around them have the strength to make a difference.

A friend informed me about a young lieutenant who  died suddenly of a seizure in Washington, D.C., just days ahead of his departure to Afghanistan. Another army personnel mentioned the young man"s death to the Vice President Joe Biden who had met the lieutenant"s father several times in the early days of 1988 and now in 2012, Biden asked for the father’s phone number.
He called the father and talked to him for over an hour, trying to console him for his terrible loss. This was not a courtesy call from the Vice President of a country, it was one father talking to another.

Early this year in 2015 Biden lost his 42 year old son Beau to cancer, he was crying openly during the memorial service. Joe Biden had sat with Beau and his younger son Hunter for many months in their hospital bed while they recover from that tragic accident which killed their mother and baby sister. He was not only their dad but more than that maybe a combination of mom and dad.

Tragedies make people angry and negative but not Mr Biden. He still smiles a lot, talks a lot. Hold hands, give advises. He has taken care of his family and friends all along, he will take care of American People too if he becomes President. After all they will also be his family. The greater American Family!

Conclusion : We don't need a reformer, adviser,entrepreneur to lead the free world we just need a good human being!