Monday, September 28, 2015

Bin Roye.......finally

So finally after months of anticipation yesterday was the day for the Movie Bin Roye"s Premiere in Michigan. It was great to see the excitement of over 600 people from our community. The crowd was a mix of young and old American Pakistanis, over excited female fans of Hum Tv and few reluctant husbands who came in with their wives. They were all enthusiastic about supporting their newly revived film industry.
The promos went quite well but then due to "technical difficulties" the film could not been played in the theatre. The sheer disappointment on the faces of the over 600 attendees was quite obvious...."why us? again?"
Well the crowd was given a choice to watch the film in the adjacent smaller theatre or the other Paki film Jiwani hai Diwani or just go back. 
We managed to get "front front row" seats in theatre 17 which was playing Bin Roye. Even though it was highly uncomfortable but were able to watch the movie!
My analysis of Bin Roye could be summed up in one line. It is basically a Pakistani drama turned into a movie. 
Story was "typical" and film was greatly "predictable".
I wasn't that impressed by the acting of Humayun Saeed why is he the popular actor in Lollywood these days? He is quite old and looks old, casting him with Mahira Khan was no doubt a big mistake...the couple looked odd and awkward together. 
The direction, songs and colorful dresses did add glamour and glitz to the movie. 
Everything was romantic and uplifting, until the intermission, after which the audience is put through an emotional turmoil. Will Irtaza notice his bestfriend’s feelings or will he follow his heart? will Saba make a sacrifice that’ll haunt her for life?
I greatly enjoyed the other mega publicized Pakistani film "Bol" ( 2009)more than this one. Bol was an excellent film about socio-political issues plaguing our community. 
Even though "Bin Roye" lacked the wow factor, the audience enjoyed lovely views of Clifton beach, Dolmen Mall, beautiful mansions in Karachi and the "pretend Tariq Road on chaand raat".
Way to go Pakistan film industry!