Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Diyar e Dil ; journey of happiness through one"s heart

DIYAR  E DIL : journey of happiness through one"s "dil"

Of all the urdu serials on air at this time, Diyar-e Dil is probably one of the few with a well-plotted story, a deep message and some excellent acting. Farhat Ishtiaq’s powerful story and strong acting by the major characters makes this serial worth to watch.   She has tackled the age old phenomenon of " bachpan ki mangni" and the stubbornness of Desi parents. As a writer, she gives each of her characters the luxury of telling their own story in their own way. While many dramas and films are based on strong bond among the female characters Diyar e Dil is the story of Aghajaan and his sons Behroze and Shoaib. The older refused to marry the girl his dad has picked out for him and the younger honored his father"s wish by marrying that girl. It is a story of so called "authority" shown by parents in our culture towards their children. It is also the story of stubbornness of our youth who fail to let go. Or maybe let go when it's too late. The drama also depicts the eastern family values shared among grandchildren and grandparents.

The bond between parents and children is too strong, it cannot be broken by high flying egos is the message of this drama. This ego breaks people and only regret remains thereafter.

Maybe after the Disney/ Pixar film "Finding Nemo" Diyar e Dil focuses on the close bond shared between fathers and sons.

The drama is slowly drifting to its end with the grandchildren being  in charge. DD also gives the message that often hatred and anger blindfolds a person thinking capabilities.

While the story dwindles towards the last few episodes Wali and Faraah have emerged as two strong people.......Wali as the caretaker and Faraah who is finally listening to her heart.

It's easy to be angry, show anger towards others but very hard to pick up the broken pieces of a broken relationship. To ask for forgiveness from others may be hard but is a source of relaxation. The drama is very close to reality and tells that truth always prevails.

Look around, listen to your heart, think with your head and mend fences before it is too late.......
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