Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chai ka Cup

It's just a drink ........really it is!
Some like it strong, some like it hot, some not so hot , some like to add milk to it, some add sugar, some just add water to a tea bag, some honey and pistachios, some boil it for hours, some have to wait for the perfect color, some have to have a certain flavor........it's just a drink .......maybe it is an art, maybe it shows hospitality or more than that!
People serve it to guests, enjoy it with friends, drink it to celebrate , drink it when they are depressed or maybe under stress. Students drink it while studying, colleagues drink it while negotiating a deal.......remember East India Company they hypnotized the Mughals with the aroma of chai!
The Americans transformed it to "chai latte" and the Europeans invented "tea time".
It's tea break during a cricket game, tea time during tough negotiation,it's tea twinglings from Assam or chai-walas at railway stations maybe the medicated green tea of china.........
People fall in love, life-long friendships are made, marriage proposals are considered, leaders negotiate arms deals, patients recover slowly, gratitude expressed, anger reflected .........all over "just a cup of tea"!
It serves as a medicine, an addiction, a habit. Books were written, treaties signed and masterpieces created all over a cup of tea! Really!
Every person, every household, every country has a tea story!
It is served in fine porcelain, French Noritake, road side teapots or in paper cups.

It is more than a companion during grief and gratitude, happiness and solitude and also during manipulation and treachery !

It's just a cup of tea......my chai ka cup!