Tuesday, September 22, 2015

One calls him Ibrahim and One calls him Abraham , hajj and yum kippur on the same day!


Prophet Ibrahim had two sons Ismael from his second wife Lady Hajrah and Issac from his first wife Lady Sarah. Both sons were raised in two different countries far away from each other. Both became Prophets. Prophet Mohammed the Holy Prophet of Muslims was a descendant of Prophet Ismael.  Prophet Isaac was one of the three patriarchs of the Jews along with his father and his son. Like their mothers  Prophet Ismael and Prophet Isaac never got along with each other but came together to bury their father.

Jews and Muslims are quite different from each other yet the two religions are quite comparable to each other.

Tommorow is a unique day it's the day of Haj for the Muslims when over 4 billion Muslims will circulate the Kabba in Mecca like Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail did many years ago. They will run seven times across Safa and Marwa the two mountains like Lady Hajrah. Pilgrims in Mecca will be at Mount Arafat, praying for forgiveness.Those Muslims who are not on the Hajj are encouraged to fast the day of Arafat, which in solidarity with their co-religionists in Mecca.

Tomorrow  is also Yum Kippur which is day of atonement , the Holiest Day in Judaism. Jews all over the world fast on this day.

The coinciding of both the Day of Hajj and Yom Kippur will not happen again for many years in fact many decades and that’s why this year’s Muslim and Jewish holidays are very special.

Technically the rituals of Yom Kippur and Arafat, are remarkably similar. Both communities worship the same God. Both communities honor the same Prophet who is Prophet Ibrahim.

Muslims call him Ibrahim and the Jewish people call him Abraham.

And on this day in the year 2015 many of his descendants who may don't like each other, will break their fast almost at the same time, all across the world.

Hajj Mubarak and Happy Yum Kippur!