Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Presidential Wedding


This was one of the most unique moments in American history.  The President of the United States, Grover Cleveland,   married Frances Folsom. It took place on June 2, 1886 in the Blue Room of the  White House.  It was the only presidential wedding to ever take place in the executive mansion.  Nothing like it happened before or since.

Grover Cleveland was an immensely private person who was a bachelor when he became the President.He was secretly in love with Frances Folsom,who was daughter of his old law partner in New York.Frances Folsom's mother was aware of the romantic relationship .President Cleveland was able to surprise the country when he announced his wedding details just one week before the ceremony.This small wedding ceremony was held in the Blue Room of the White House on june 2nd 1886.At the time of wedding Ms Folsom was 21years old (making her the youngest first lady)and the President was 49 years old.It was the first marriage ceremony of a US President held in the White House.The press recorded every activity of the newly married couple, it was speculated that the marriage will be a rocky one due to the 27 year age difference between the husband and wife.It was also thought that the First Lady and President's relationship will be strained due to his political responsibilities. Yet history shows that the public's speculations were wrong and the Clevelands enjoyed a very happy married life,they had 5 children.

Mrs Cleveland took over the duties   of being White House hostess and her charm won her great popularity.She met with women of the country every saturday afternoons.She was very much admired by the public and young women copied her hairstyle.She helped African American women establish "The Washington Home for Friendless Colored Girls " after she saw two homeless women eating out of garbage cans.
President Cleveland's lost re-election, while Frances said to the staff at the White House that they would be back.  Indeed, Grover Cleveland was the only president to be re-elected after losing the White House.  The second time they returned with a baby.

Ruth Cleveland was beloved by the nation who dubbed her "Baby Ruth."  When she died of diphtheria at age twelve, the nation went into mourning.  Curtis Candy Company issued a "Baby Ruth" candy bar in her memory .........