Sunday, January 25, 2015

OBAMA "S TRIP TO INDIA : to please a friend and to displease another friend

OBAMA"S TRIP TO INDIA : to please a friend or to displease another friend ???

Pakistan was 'not at all feeling marginalized' about US President Barack Obama's visit to India but was happy about it, the country's Foreign Miniser Shah Mehmood Qureshi said last week .

'We are glad India is finally warming up to Pakistan. We are not at all feeling marginalized, we are feeling happy about it.'he added .
In response to a question on whether Pakistan was feeling left out, he said" Islamabad had a long history of relations with the US and Obama had announced before his trip to India that he would be visiting Pakistan, some time ".

Ok it's a good clarification but sometimes one has to read between the lines : Pakistanis are not happy that Mr Obama has come all the way to India and he could not drop by at India "s neighbor "s territory for some time .
Actually Pakistanis get super sensitive when it comes to India whether it's a game of cricket , taste of mangoes , quality of clothes or visit by a foreign dignitary ........
Obama is the 6 th president since Hoover to visit India . According to my recollection Clinton is the only US President to visit Pakistan while in office .
Well Mr Obama stayed in Pakistan in the late 80s for few weeks while he was student at Columbia University with his college buddy who was a Pakistani . He enjoyed sightseeing and Paki cuisine especially " aloo qeema"........can you beat that India.