Monday, January 26, 2015

Ambition + Hardwork = Misson Accomplished


Two years back in jan 2013 I wrote an article about Dawn Loggins who is currently an undergraduate student majoring in linguistics.
Her"s is a truly remarkable story , I was greatly moved by it , more so because she is the same age as my older daughter .No child should go through what she had to. While growing up, Dawn faced many obstacles, including poverty, neglect, and homelessness. Often living without running water or electricity with her drug addict parents. She focused on her education as a way to escape the cycle of poverty and neglect . Dawn and her brother were abandoned by their parents at the age of 17 right before her senior year of High School. She asked her school teachers and councilors for help they gave her job as a custodian and a janitor. She used to get up around 5:00 am mop the halls , clean up the bathrooms . Teachers at Burns High School , North Carolina pitched in money to buy her clothes and other stuff . She sleeps in a tiny room adjacent to the broom closets .
Dawn was a straight A student who applied to 5 colleges , including one Ivy League University and what ........she got accepted at all 5 but greatest achievement was an acceptance to Harvard University which offered her full scholarship .
This gained Dawn national recognition, she has plans to create a nonprofit organization in order to help other students of low socioeconomic backgrounds to excel in school . Dawn "s story got media attention her interview was all over on every channel . 3 national news networks were present outside the school on the day of her high school graduation ceremony .
She wants to major in linguistics and currently is involved in college activities . Dawn works as a motivational speaker which gives her enough money to pay for food and other utilities on campus .
It's been mentioned that her story will be made into a TV movie and a book will be written about her ordeal.
I think her story is more than inspirational which should be shared , one which gives courage to many more like her ........
Lifetime tv channel produced a short documentary on Liza Murray a Bronx , NY resident who became homeless after the death of her drug addict mom when she was only 15 years old . She later got accepted to Harvard and graduated with high honors . Liza Murray works as a public speaker now.
Dawn Loggins is in her sophomore year in college , enjoying life at campus but most of all she works at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter very regularly .

I follow her blog on Tumbler , there was one write up by her , which rejuvenated my spirit to work harder and aim higher :

 Something to Think About
By Dawn Loggings

"On New Years Eve, I was out in Harvard Square eating at my favorite sushi restaurant. While I was walking home, I passed 2 different homeless people and gave them some change because I know it’s much harder, emotionally, to be homeless during the holidays. Then I came across a young homeless woman sitting by the T stop. I had met her while working at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, an emergency shelter run by Harvard students. I greeted her by name and stopped to chat, and I also gave her $1. She said she was looking for a job and asked me if the shelter had a policy against the homeless working there. I told her that I had absolutely no idea, but reminded her that nobody gets paid for being there. We are all volunteers. She teared up, complimented me, and then gave me my money back. No words can sum up how I felt about this, but it’s definitely something to think about."