Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pakistan .......the beautiful Sohni Dharti

I am extremly proud of my adopted country United States of America,a land of opportunity which gave me respect and confidence.I am also proud of my birthplace Pakistan ..................Pakistan maybe dirty,messy and crowded,streets may have garbage stains of "paan" on them,walls would be dirty with posters and slogans written on them.There may be too many uninvited guests ringing door bells all the time,traffic may be too loud and out of control.People may hate to stand in line,aunties would love to ask too many wierd questions,it may have loadshedding and water shortage ,it may also suffer from pollution and has too many corrupt leaders ...........BUT................this land has people with the biggest hearts!! People know how to entertain a guest,neighbours help neighbours,Grand Parents are always present to give "duas" and friends will come to help you when ever and where ever..........Pakistan is the land of "moong phali walas" and "kulfi cart walas",it is the land of kids playing cricket on every street corner and often breaking neighbor "s windows .It is where teenagers love to dance on the musical tunes from Bollywood and Lollywood and rock with Hollywood .......where "luddo","hop scotch" and "tag" are highly competitive games.......It is a beautiful land which produces world's best cotton and lawn fabric and home of some amazing "tailor masters", where 1/3 of the female population is a self proclaimed fashion designer ............It is a country which produces the best samosas,kabab rolls,chicken tikkas,chilli chips and spicy corn..........where cooking is art carried on from generations to generations where every meal is seven course or more .........It is where weddings are a grand 12 day celebration........It produces the best TV dramas which are the talk of town and talk of billboards , it produces the best political satires and is a land of beautiful ghazal singers and Sufi poets .People enjoy the sound of "dholak",smell of henna and saffron,colors of kites,warmth of velvet "razaaies"( wool comforters),camel footprints near Arabian Sea , enjoy climbing K2and the serene beauty of lake "Saif ul Mulk".It is the land of River Ravi,Landikotal Market and Karakoram Highway.It is a land once loved by Mughal Emperors , the streets echo the hallmarks of British architecture .It has one of the best telecomunication systems in the world.........Pakistan is a land where people enjoy watching cricket matches for many hours and days ,where sportsmen are national treasures and where cock fighting and Kabaddi are still popular sports.
It is where people enjoy eating "buria ke Baal " ( candy floss)and drink tea all day long.It is where everyone has many cousins and friends,where kids collect "Eidee" instead of gift. In Pakistan you can smell the fragrance of fresh flower garlands from a mile where colors of bangles,clay pottery and brilliance of "truck art" makes life little more spectacular .........a land where uncles still enjoy reading newspapers printed on paper and aunties enjoy chatting with massis ( maids).........a land where politicians enjoy ordering " strikes " and where public actually is quite politically educated's a country where dads can fit himself ,mom, 5 kids and 3 family members in one car .......and where one moms can tell the best bedtime stories and raise the most resilient and hard working individuals in the world .........
     just open your heart you will see everything ........long live Pakistan