Monday, January 26, 2015

We may have a "Black James Bond " in 2016

We may have a " black James Bond " in 2016.......

James Bond is the macho hunk adored by women of all ages .Mr Bond has been a source of inspiration for men , he is a British private agent who not only defends the country , but is a master disguise , speed car driver , best at chasing gansters . Ian Fleming created James Bond 007 more than 6 decades back . Last year we celebrated 50 years of Bond in Cinema . All the actors who have played Bond hailed from England and some what had a Scotish heritage starting from the mesmerizing Sean Connery to the flamboyant Roger Moore, the deceiving Timothy Dalton to my favorite Pierce Brosnon to the current Bond the very dashing Daniel Craig.There was one more actor named George Lazenby who worked in only one Bond movie .
Rumors are that the new Bond ( who will be featured in a new movie next year in 2016) will be Idris Elba a British actor raised in England but who is not Scott and who is Black .....African British to be more persice .
He has African roots with his dad from Sierra Leone and mom from Ghana . They moved to England and he grew up near London. He worked in tv shows namely Law and Order in early 2000 before gaining fame in the movie Nelson Mandela : Road to Freedom released 18 months back.
So if Mr Elba will be the new bond it will be a new chapter in the saga of James Bond movies when the barrier of race will be broken and the British spy agency will give a black British guy liscence to kill .........Americans elected Barack Obama 6 years back let's see when the Brits elect a Black Prime Minister to live in 10 Downing Street .

Everybody seems to be excited that actor Idris Elba may be the new James Bond. Everyone .......except Rush Limbaugh who is criticizing Elba’s upcoming role because he is not white or Scottish.

Well for right now Daniel Craig is filming "Spectre " his fourth Bond movie which will be released in end of 2015 .......