Sunday, January 25, 2015


Bronzini fish is found in the waters around the Mediterranean, this species of fish has a shiny silver skin that is consistent in color throughout its body. Similar in appearance, size and preparation to a medium size trout, the Bronzini is served as a whole fish with the head on. It is commonly available weighing from 2 to 3 pounds in size. Often referred to as a Mediterranean Sea Bass, this sweet-flavored, semi-firm white meat of the Bronzini is regarded the best among the fish found in the Mediterranean Sea .
This fish is imported daily to few Syrian restaurants in Michigan ( one of those is Phonecia in down town Birmingham ) . Adil and I were introduced to this yummy fish by our Arab friends .
I found this fish at our local Papa Joe"s grocery store ( they imported it ) and bought it . I am not a Foodie : a person who enjoys cooking and eating food , but I do cook very regularly and food cooked by me is quite edible.I fried Bronzini in olive oil with a hint of parsley and peas after marinating it for some time in cayenne pepper , red chilli powder , lemon juice , salt and paprika ........
I would highly recommend it , bon appetite 🎣🐟🐬