Thursday, January 22, 2015

Desi/Paki/Brown Thanksgiving

Desi-Paki-Brown Thanksgiving
A VERY DESI - PAKI - BROWN THANKSGIVING Thanksgiving is a day for us the ever expanding Paki Desis or what our children label as " brown people " party . It is not just an event where we sit across the table and be thankful to God. It is somewhat one of our many yearly parties where we dress up in our glitzy " Desi outfits" , talk about politics ( Desi and Amreeki), talk about latest fashion trends , update each other about Desi dramas BUT the menu is not our traditional biryani, Karahi chicken or gajar ka halwa; it is a "turkey " cooked with Desi spices and a spicy masala stuffing . Apple pie or chocolate cake replaces Pumpkin pie as we Desis are not fond of eating Kaddoos ( pumpkin). Well we all are certainly grateful for everything and just another reason to have a dinner party .........