Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wag the Nation ; a smart game of distraction

Wag the Nation : a smart game of distraction

It was Imran Khan who launched the Azadi March on 14 th August 2014 . He and his supporters marched to Islamabad where they sat in the " dahrna" , a protest against the government of Mian Nawaz Sharif .Mr Khan asked for the prime minister "s resignation . His roaring speeches , the huge sea of supporters beside him definitely gave the government some hiccups . The government of PML (N ) realized it would not be easy this time around for them to fool the people of Pakistan . Mr Khan "s PTI is the third largest political party in the country but he emerged as the most noted " opposition leader " or maybe a representative of the people who had the courage to tell the ruling party what they are doing wrong . The dharna or the sit in went very well initially which shook up the government of Nawaz Sharif , army , bureaucracy but as time passed there was no resignation from the prime minister no signing on the five points or three points agenda . As the warm days of August turned into the wintery days of October and November the dharna and its momentum  pretty much fizzled out of Mr Khan "s hands . He could not achieve what he set out to achieve maybe due to the political maneuvering , army and foreign interventions or maybe  because of his own stubbornness . The crowds of thousands shrank to few hundreds at the Azadi dharna in Islamabad .Then something horrific happened in December 2014 a Taliban group slaughtered 126 students in broad day light in Peshawar at a local army school. The nation and the world was shocked . Peshawar is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhua the province where Khan"s party PTI is in power .Political parties and their leaders sat together with the Prime Minister in this time of crisis to secure Pakistan , Pakistani schools and most of all it's children .Imran Khan called off the dharna in the wake off this horrific national tragedy and affirmed his support towards the government to hunt down the terrorists .
As days passed and the new year 2015 approached rumors of Mr Khan "s wedding was on its height on the social media and television . Finally on jan 7 th 2015 he announced that yes he is getting married to Ms Reham Khan , a former weather lady on BBC and a current media personality  in Pakistan . They were formally married on jan 8 th 2015.

I was wondering what a smart move on behalf of Mr Khan who quickly and easily he was able to divert the criticism of the media and public from a technically failed dharna and biggest terror attack of the country which took place in the province his party is in control in. News channels and social media has been bombarded with pictures of the newly married couple , the talk of town is not what Mr Khan did or did not achieve by the Azadi March or dharna but who designed his wedding gold  colored sherwani . I applauded him on how swiftly he was able to change the subject . It's not that I dislike him as a politician , I think he is the " lesser of the evils " among there . He may be slightly better than other leaders at least he has the guts to tell the truth and at least he does not seem that corrupt . I understand this marriage was not planned in a jiffy and he would be friends with his new wife and planning to marry her but " Sir your timing could not be more perfect !".......
Imran Khan " s latest move to distract the public or rather divert their attention reminds me of the 1997 Hollywood movie " Wag the Dog " produced by Barry Levinson .Dustin Hoffman and Robert   De Niro played the main characters in that movie .The plot of the movie was about the president of United States  who just before the national elections ,created a fake war with Albania so the public"s attention could be distracted from a latest scandal involving the president and a young girl .
Imran Khan is not in a "crisis "or "so called scandal " yet his timing is perfect people will forget the failure of dharna and his party " s failed security measures in Peshawar . For some time they will be busy talking about his new bride and wedding pictures . After all he was once the most "eligible bachelor "of the country .........
Perfect example of : Wag the nation , a smart game of distraction.