Tuesday, February 17, 2015

50 dark grey shades of abuse

50 dark grey shades of abuse ......

The London premiere of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey the most popular novel of 2012 which was the first chapter of the three part trilogy about Christian grey the overly controlling tycoon and Anastasia Steele the naive college girl , on Thursday the 13 th of feb 2015 was inflicted with protestors campaigning for awareness for domestic violence outside the theaters.

Domestic Violence protestors descended upon Leicester Square in London along with signs and banners to protest against the film’s portrayal of the submissive relationship of a young college girl with a rich business tycoon .
This was during the premiere of the movie when stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan walked the grey carpet.

One sign read “‪#‎BlueAboutGrey‬ – because some Ana’s don’t survive their Christian’s ".

There is a boycott movement taking off against the film with the hashtags ‪#‎50ShadesIsAbuse‬and ‪#‎50dollarsNot50Shades‬, promoting donations to domestic violence shelters instead of paying to see the film.

The movie opened on 11 February in France , Belgium and Norway it posted the highest ever one-day totals for a film from Universal Studios. It was also the biggest ever opening day block buster in the Philippines.
There were Protests organized in the cities of Madison , Wisconsin and San Francisco California who believed that the film promotes violence against women .

Fifty Shades of Grey movie is not only a somewhat dangerous depiction of love but also gives the wrong message to young people . They are growing up with little understanding of real love, mistaking emotions for the sacrificial commitment .
According to a survey the book was highly popular in women over 30 years who are relatively matured women .I personally don't understand why this book got so much acknowledgement by women.
We are living in the 21st century where we the women raise voices for
other women who are being bullied or are victims of abuse. Yet we are enjoying a book where the male character has quite a violent and abuse relationship with the female character.
I guess we the women are the hypocrites .....demanding equal rights on one forefront and liking dominance on the other front