Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015; infinite prayers, utter jubilation and the association of a nation with " just a game "


Cricket is the summer sport of British who introduced it to the world. They are called the forefathers of the game but it is not them rather the citizens the sub - continent , who idolize this game .Cricket is the " soul food of the sub- continent ". Cricket World Cup is  the Royal Rumble or the Super Bowl of all tournaments which puts a magical spell on the citizens of this area.They eat , sleep and breathe cricket .

Pakistan and Pakistanis have been through a lot in the last 67 years ,they have shed many tears , have few reasons to smile ....... cheering the national Cricket Team is certainly one of them.

Game of Cricket and the Spirit of Victory unifies the Pakistani Nation .........
When many of the other sports have vanished , victory  in any Cricket Tournament is a source of happiness for everyone .

Cricket is not just a game in Pakistan; it is the blood of this nation. The hopes of 180 million people are placed on the shoulders of 11 men in green shirts .Pakistan is a badly battered nation , suffering in the hands of corrupt politicians, from many socioeconomic and ethnic issues . Cricket is a game liked by everyone young and old , rich or poor. National Cricket Team is cheered by everyone alike . The 11 team members are the greatest superstars of the country. When they are playing the entire nation prays for them . Every citizen from rickshaw drivers to college students to business executives to grandparents pray for them.It's funny the " car - snatching " and " burglary " ratio goes down in the major cities during a cricket tournament . Which country makes announcements for group prayers for the National cricket team from local mosques across the country.....only us !
My friend told me about her grandmother who used to sit on the prayer mat till the Pakis win. My grandfather had a slightly different philosophy he never appreciated the players till the moment they win . When Miandad hit a boundary he used to say " ab agli ball per out hojaey gey"( that he will get out on the next ball ). I know he would be praying in his heart for his team but just not to jinx the game he resisted from appreciating .Game of cricket is the soul food of our nation.

To watch their team play is considered a temporary escape from their problems for the Pakistani nation .
Even after 23 years the talk about that spring day on March 25 th 1992 when Pakistani team won the Cricket World Cup brings smile on the face of every Pakistani .

"I remember that day when schools , colleges , offices across Pakistan were closed when everyone huddled around the TV sets or radios . The crowd of 87,182-at the Melbourne Cricket Ground were witnessing an electrifying World Cricket Final.
Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis, the two look set to take  England to victory after a poor start.  England were 141 for 4 out .Pakistani skipper Imran Khan, who was running out of ideas takes a gamble and gives the ball to Wasim  Akram. Akram   ran in and uprooted Lamb's off-stump!
After few minutes later Lewis was his second victim . The score changed to 144/6!

The players were jubilant . The nation going crazy dancing in front of the tv screens and praying " shukrana" to Allah . Youth of the country were praying while watching the game , some were so emotional that they could not even sit. Elders were sitting on the prayer mat , praying for their cricket team . It was as if the country was at war not just playing a game .
Those two wickets by Wasim Akram were a total game changer . Pakistan did win the final and did defy the odds. It was an spectacular sight in Melbourne that night when an underdog team lifted the crystal trophy."

The entire nation bowed their heads in front of Allah to thank Him for this victory , I am a die hard a cricket fan and I like many others believe that victory in 1992 would have been not possible without Allah "s blessings.
What happened during the Cricket World Cup 1992 definitely had to be due some kind of Devine intervention
After the poor performance in earlier games the team suddenly unified liked " cornered tigers " under its captain when they defeated Australia in their last group match.
It was as a joyous occasion but the team and the nation quickly sat down in front of the tv praying for a West Indies win . Yes only a West Indies win in the other match will help them prevail to semi- finals .West Indies won and Pakistan advanced in the semi final .New Zealand were a tough opponent playing on home ground after their spectacular show down in the round robin league matches . Pakistani team eventually won the semi final mainly due to the heroic effort by Javed Miandad and Inzammamul Haq and yes due to the prayers of the entire nation.

Question in 2015 is : Can Misbhah captivate the "cornered tigers "like Imran did ???
Can a chapter from the history books of 1992 can be repeated in 2015.......

No doubt the National Cricket Team compromises of some very talented players . I am not praying for a miracle I am just praying that God grants them a rekindled spirit the spirit of victory !
I think Pakistan is an unpredictable team . The team has talent , experience along with fitness issues and suspension of few players.
Pakistan will need the right team composition and lots and lots of duas.

I just believe that hard work and determination of our players combined with the infinite prayers of the millions of Pakistanis all over the world can unfold a new chapter .....that of victory , that of joy !!!

The National team has embarked on a mission and the mothers , fathers and children of the country are praying for their success , in fact the nation "s success . We don't want history of " 87 be repeated when we lost in the semi - final and the ill - fated loss of "99 when we lost in the final of the World Cup.

God is Great maybe God is listening .......maybe He will watch over the green shirts in 2015 once again.

Inshallah ......