Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Afghanistan Cricket Team training for the 2015 world cricket cup : win or loose they are happy to promote message of hope and peace

George Orwell said :Sports is War minus shooting , it is a bitter reality for the youngsters in Afghanistan who grew up against the backdrop of war . Sports is their hope of national recognition , they sent their athletes in Olympics now the national cricket team will fly to Australia and New Zealand to compete against the Cricketing giants.
Afghanistan's cricketers are training these days for their debut in the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2015 which starts in the second week of Febuary , in Australia / New Zealand.

Cricket is somewhat a new phenomenon in Afghanistan . The Afghanis learned it after watching Pakistanis idolize this game while they were living in refugee camps in Northern Pakistan . Afghanistan Cricket Board was formed in 1995. It became an affiliate member of International Cricket Council in 2001 and Asian Cricket Council in 2003.
The team could not qualify for the 2011 Cricket World Cup .

It was in October , 2013 that Afghanistan Cricket team beat Kenya to finish second in the WCL Championship and qualify for the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

The Afghans' opening match against Bangladesh will be in Canberra on February 18 , 2015 in the Cricket World Cup .
Win or loose the team members are delighted to represent their country on the world stage .Cricket is just their way of promoting national unity and a message of peace .