Sunday, February 1, 2015

Burqa Avenger nominated for 3 rd International Kids Emmy Awards

Pakistani super heroine Burqa Avenger nominated for 3 rd International Emmy Kids Awards

" Burqa Avenger" or her alter ego Jia  is a mild-mannered teacher with secret martial arts skills who uses a flowing black burqa to hide her identity as she fights local bad guys seeking to shut down the girls’ school in the imaginary city of Halwapur . Her martial art skills are termed as " Takht Kabbadi ". She fights the criminals using pens and books .
Her main rival is Vadero Pajero a local thug . She is helped by few students.
Burqa Avenger is enjoying her new found fame not only in Pakistan but also overseas . The series was launched in 2013 . It is created by famous Pakistani singer Haroon .

“Burka Avenger” has been nominated in the animation category for the Third International Emmy Kids Awards. This is the first time that any Pakistani animated series has been recognized for an Emmy Award. Previously, Burka Avenger has won several awards including “Peabody Award 2013”, “Gender Equity Prize” and the “Rising Star Award” in the animation category at Canada International Film Festival.

Pakistan will compete against three other animation series in the category from France, Argentina and UK in the International Emmy Kids Awards ceremony to be held in New York on February, 20th 2015. We wish them all the best!
Burka Avenger has received positive reviews for its female empowerment message .
Time Magazine rated "Burka Avenger "as one of the most Influential Fictional Characters of 2013. In an article on Burka Avenger, the Huffington Post , USA stated that “Disney could learn a thing or two”.
The Washington Post elaborated on this, stating "Pakistan’s new superhero makes the hoop-skirted, Prince Charming-obsessed Disney princesses look downright antiquated" .CBC News put Burka Avenger's rave reviews down to “its colorful animation and it's promotion of education ".

Well Cat Woman and Wonder Woman will have a " Desi Competition "!!!

All the best team "Burqa Avenger " .3rd Kids Emmy Awards will be take place on February 20th ,2015  in New York .