Thursday, February 5, 2015

Catch phrases .......a harsh truth or a prescription for laughter

Catchphrases ......the harsh truth or a prescription for laughter

According to Wikipedia catchphrase is a phrase or expression recognized by its repeated utterance.

I think " catch phrase "may be a sentence or a combination of couple of words which has become popular by it's repeated utterance in print and broadcast media and via word of mouth . Some catchphrases are popular all over the world some get recognized in just a particular culture / country .

Most of American catch phrases are via films , tv or political jokes .

Arnold Schwarzenegger "s character said " I will be back " in the movie Terminator which has become the most popular catch phrase in USA which is used both sarcastically and comically . Then it was George W Bush who created not one but few brand new words . He explained to Vice President Gore that the numbers don't add by saying " Fuzzy Maths " and at another instance " misunderstament ".......
Neil Armstrong " s words when he landed on moon : " a small step for a man , a giant leap for mankind "became the phrase of mankind  !!!
Buzz light year was once my kid " s favorite toy it taught the world " to Infiniti and beyond "......
Don Vitto Corleone "s God father still scares us via his catchphrases.

It was the British who said "Keep calm and carry on " , after world war 1 but even after so many years people of the world are saying out loud : Keep calm and a million more things ........from eating chocolates to enjoying a movie .

Indians love their movie , most of their catch phrases are Bollywood inspired : Line wahi se shroe hojati hey jahan ham kharey hojain( line starts from where we stand).
In the last decade they have used everything from "chewing gum " to " saree "s fall " in the verses of their songs . Bollywood songs itself are sort of a catchphrase .......sung , talked about and discussed all across the subcontinent , all the time!
And " Don ", no one can find him !!

Pakistan has two important sources of catch phrase Truck  Painting, which is a captivating inscription on the back of a moving truck. The other being Pakistan "s enchanting wall graffiti art found all over the country . They both have abundant catch phrases .
It is fun to read catchphrases behind a colorful truck or on a poster and now on t- shirts and hand bags like the ones incorporated by the clothing co Gulabo.

Pakistan is a country where catch phrases can be sarcastic, annoying and awfully truth . A book " Papu dekh magar Piyar sey "was written about catch phrases on the back of trucks . The truck signs talk about " Beautiful smiles " and wall graffiti signs about the political dynamics of the time which were " roti , kapra aur makan " during Zulfiqar Bhutto and " Go Nawaz Go " during Imran Khan .
Even rickshaws have some catch phrases written on them .

Prescription for laughter :Enjoy hilarious catch phrases 😉😉😉😳😳😳🙈🙈🙉🙉🙉