Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Empowerment or mutual co operation : first female mosque opens in LA

Women Empowerment along with mutual co - operation accordance with our religion

It was a unique moment in America on Friday jan 30 th 2015, close 150 women gathered Friday at the interfaith Pico-Union Project in Los Angeles at a mosque which was created just for them , where the "khateeba "a woman answered their questions after prayers . When the majority of mosques in USA continue to follow a tradition of separating women from male congregants, this particular mosque forbids men from attending .

To start a Women's Only Mosque was Hasna Maznavi's childhood dream and she accomplished that dream last Friday . She is being supported by her friend Sana Muttalib.

Many mosques segregate women , has a smaller praying area then men.
Muslim women all over the world are showing their appreciation for this mosque on social media . Some called the experience liberating.
I called it Women Empowerment . Our religion has given women a very high stature , there is no restriction for women to set up their own place of worship .But I would also humbly suggest that men and women both are creatures of God , they both should be given equal opportunities to run the masjid ( house of God) like they do running their own houses and taking care of their children . I support this idea but I don't want this tradition to continue to an extent that half the mosques in the country are " men only " and the other half " women only ". Both genders should be given equal opportunities to have equal participation in the administration and daily running activities of the mosque . Also women praying areas should be enlarged and improved so more women and kids could attend prayers .