Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The filmi raang of drama sadqey tumharey

The " filmi raang" of Sadqaey Tumhare

Popular tv drama Sadqey Tumhare which is being aired these days on hum tv is the quite adventurous romantic real life story of the writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. He writes about the emotional and spiritual attachment of him and his fiancΓ© Shanno (Mahira Khan) . Shano and and Khalil are cousins but know very little about each other. Shanno is a quiet girl who was brought up in a small village of Balghan and Khalil is an outspoken , cricketer from Lahore. After many years, they meet each other at a family wedding and immediately fell in love . Problems arise for the young couple when Shanno's parents break the agreement of marriage for their daughter.

Shanno and Khalil"s life turns into a continuous struggle to be together in this classic tale of forbidden love, bitterness and prior grudges among family members.
The young love birds story has taken so many twists and turns that it has transformed the drama into a movie with the story lines of both Lollywood and Bollywood .

Shanno "s mother is the evil conspirator with a touch of " Gabbar Singh" from the popular Bolly classic Sholey. She just can't see the two get married , uses all sorts of evil tactics to keep them apart .
Her father is a crazily naive person who is manipulated by his wife.
He is fun to watch along with his car which stops after every 3 miles.

The couple has a furious warrior on their side .....their grandmother "Bejee "who is good at yelling . She can be compared to a female Maula Jatt minus the gandasa .

Khaleel and Shano live in the Punjab of 1970 yet they are awkwardly bold for that time . They spend a lot of time gazing at each other and are not shy in expressing their love for each other.They have jumped walls , fought police walas , sneaked out on a motor bike late at night in the true spirit of the movie Qiyamat se Qiyamat Tak and Dhoom combined .

The entire village knows about their affair from the tonga driver to the Imam Sahab .......after all it is 1970 the pre Taliban era.

Khalil and Shanno "s best friends are their true " jiggari Yaars " ( extremly close friends).

The audience is somewhat intrigued that how long this ordeal will last ? Will Khalil and Shanno will eventually get married ?

I wonder if the women in the villages of Pakistan are really so bold and outgoing ?

To the love birds : dekha Khawab tu silseley howey .........

To the writers : enough of the melodrama please move towards the end........