Sunday, February 15, 2015

Don't get disappointed team Pakistan we can still win the cricket World Cup 2015

" Abhi tu party shuru howey hai "
Darney ki kiya baat hey

I rarely quote a Bollywood song as the headline of one my blog but this song from the movie Khoobsurat is the perfect title for my blog after watching Pakis lose their 6 th encounter with India in the cricket World Cup 2015.
They lost it pretty badly but to tell you the truth it was not a disappointing game from a team who can't practice on their own soil ,who is banned from IPL , has fitness issues , few key players are banned from international cricket , has to endure political bickering and above all " they are an inexperienced bunch ". I watched most of the game and I still think they can do it . This rookie team can at least reach the finals and maybe if they will roar as the cornered tigers of 1992 they can win.

I read the review of former English Captain Graham Gooch who analyzed the 3 Asian top cricketing teams and concluded that among the Asian teams, the only team that can realistically challenge the Top 3 favorite teams ( Australia , South Africa and New Zealand )with their bowling is Pakistan.
I somewhat agree with him.

I don't know how many of you remember World Cup of 87 , Allan Border"s Australian team was never the favorite , it was a weak team who came together as the tournament progressed and won the final at Eden Park , India.

As for the 6-0 record against India, one wonders if Pakistan is destined to break the losing streak in 2015 or will have to wait for 2019.
Pakistan may play them again in this World Cup. If both India and Pakistan reach the quarter finals and they both win it then they may meet again in the semi final or if they both defeat other teams in semis and reach the finals then there may still be a chance for Pakistani team to defeat the Indians in their 7 th face off in a cricket World Cup .
I know I get a little carried away and I am a huge optimist but please " keep praying " and players " keep working hard ".........
And to all my super cool friends on social media please take off the sad faces ......
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