Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pathetic state of defeat

God help those who help themselves
and definitely not a bunch of no good , non serious jokers

I am a die hard cricket fan who wakes up all night long to watch my cricket team play a match in the biggest tournament in the world . I live so far away from my birthplace yet my association is stronger than so many , I cannot hear a single word of criticism about Pakistan , it's people and it's cricket team .
I write articles / blogs every day and try to connect my friends in North America with their birthplace Pakistan.

Since the start of this year cricket fanatics like me were anxiously waiting for the Cricket World Cup of 2015 . The tournament started last week in Australia and New Zealand last week and me the highly detail oriented human being re checked the schedule of all the matches on dish network and installed the ESPN Cricket app on my phone for instant score cards.

What I saw yesterday was brutal and pathetic .
West Indies Cricket Team trashed Pakistan ; first they scored 311 runs in 50 overs than they bowled Pakistan for 160 runs all out .
Only three batsmen entered double digits out of the 11.
It was nerve wrecking for a Paki fan that their national team who had been training for 4 years got defeated so badly by another team who themselves are not in good form and have lost their earlier matches.
Pakistan team looked like 10 year old school kids who just stumbled in a major tournament . They were just bunch of men who spent more time getting dresses in the national uniform than trying to stay on the cricket pitch and actually try to score some runs for their team ......their country and their country men.

I believe in the power of prayers , I believe that God listens to our prayers ..........but God listens to those who try , who work hard not just a bunch of "not interested , non serious jokers"......

I the high energy optimist was pulling my hair .....

Cricket is not just a game in Pakistan; it is the blood of this nation. The hopes of 180 million people are placed on the shoulders of 11 men in green shirts .Pakistan is a badly battered nation , suffering in the hands of corrupt politicians, from many socioeconomic and ethnic issues . Cricket is a game liked by everyone young and old , rich or poor. National Cricket Team is cheered by everyone alike . The 11 team members are the greatest superstars of the country. When they are playing the entire nation prays for them .
When the team lost against India it hurt but we still had hope , hope to strive again , try more .......but yesterday the defeat was extremely painful.
The team fielded as if the task is to drop catches not to collect them , batted like lunatics just to come to the ground for a couple of minutes for a photo shoot .

Actually the entire nation , every Pakustani was badly insulted yesterday.
I demand answers from the national cricket team , it's officials and the PCB.........this is what you call " talent ", this is what you call a " team" this is what you could find among the thousands of young cricketers spread all over the country ???
Shame on you......
Flocked , Mocked and Dropped ......story of the day!