Thursday, February 12, 2015

A mother"s anguish , a mother"s plea

"A mother "s anguish , a mother "s plea

3 Arab Muslim students are confirmed dead near Summerwalk Circle in Chapel Hill who were killed by a white athiest man. ( via my blog yesterday )

I have read many blogs / articles on social media about the shooting of 3 Muslim Students at the campus of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill .People are showing their anguish on twitter and Facebook . A large majority of these bloggers are Muslims they are angry at the American media for labeling this horrific act as a dispute over parking space rather than declaring it a hate crime .
The news media in United States reported that the killings were in response to a parking issue , all the major networks covered the story but it was not a " breaking news ".

Chapel Hill police said a preliminary investigation indicates a parking spot dispute triggered the shootings, several U.S. Muslim leaders said the brutal nature and execution style killing is way more than that . The family of the victims also joined the call for a hate-crime inquiry.A press conference was held at Chapel Hill it was extremely painful to watch the father crying and the shocked mother. May Allah give the parents Sabr. There is no loss worse than losing your child.

The hashtag ‪#‎MuslimLivesMatter‬
spread widely on Twitter.
personally am very heart broken and extremely sad for the innocent killings in Pakistan and the innocent killing in United States , in fact on killing of innocent lives all over the world but instead of just complaining and take anger out on social media my point is slightly different from others .
My point is that we Muslims don't have enough representation in the fields of media and journalism. Our stories are not narrated properly . When we become victims of racial profiling we are unable to response back because we don't have personnel in news media to write our point of view. If we want the media to tell the world our stories then, we will have to become the media.
We just enter professions like medicine , engineering and law . We don't encourage our kids to attend film schools , become journalists , become cartoonists , encourage them to be athletes or children"s book authors , tv producer ,or police officers ?army personnel ? why ? Are we not brave enough ? Do we just look for financially secure professions or do we want to go and explore various fields ?
No we are not we are busy with dinner parties , inviting 900 guests on our kids weddings , our focus is food and clothin and accumulation of wealth. we give so much money to charitable organizations and political campaigns but we don't question those leaders what they are doing for us ?
Few months back Hollywood actor Ben Affleck defended Muslims in front of Bill Maher and Sam Harris because he had a Muslim trainer / friend who informed him about Muslim issues.

The World does not know that our religion teaches forgiveness , it teaches peace and harmony because we are unable to inform the world.

Today’s age is the age of media. Media is very powerful today that through it, every idea is propagated into the minds of people .Media is being used as a tool against Muslims these days , Muslims should also use media as a powerful tool to explain the message of Islam which is nothing but peace.......

I am a mother who has a child in college , I am worried for not only my children but all our children , I try to express my views with my writings which I consider a powerful tool , I am trying what little I can do ........
Please try at your end ........... — with Adil Akhtar and 2 others.